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Campo Teatro degli Ulivi Srl is a non-profit private company established in September 2022 by 8 dreamers. Constituted as a social enterprise, according to Italian legislation, it is classified as a Third Sector Organization.

The primary mission of the company is to enhance the village of Campo di Brenzone through cultural activities of social and educational interest, with particular focus on the fields of music, singing, artistic expression, acting, and typical local food and wine.

Furthermore, at the national and international level, the objective is to promote the environmental, historical, and human resources of the Alto Garda Veronese region, also through cultural exchange initiatives in synergy with other organizations pursuing similar goals.

According to its bylaws, the company carries out the following activities of general interest:

a)    Cultural activities of social and educational interest, with particular focus on the fields of music, singing, acting, and typical local food and the Italian tradition.

b)    Promotes interventions and services aimed at safeguarding and improving environmental conditions, as well as the rational and careful use of natural resources.

c)    Promotes interventions for the protection and enhancement of the landscape and cultural heritage, specifically but not exclusively in the Alto Garda Veronese area and the surrounding mountains, without excluding any form of energy production from natural sources.

d)    Organizes and manages cultural, artistic, or recreational activities of social interest and/or with educational purposes, including promotional and dissemination activities - including editorial activities - focused on culture, especially but not exclusively music, in order to provide, through direct management or delegation to third parties, the services that the Board of Directors deems useful to achieve the objectives defined by the General Council.


  • Create a "green theater" in the open air, with a stage built using materials and methods of minimal environmental impact, to host music, theater, and artistic events. A place of culture understood as shared beauty, immersed in a context that is already beautiful in itself. A space that can accommodate events of various kinds as a symbol of unity among peoples and cultures. A space of peace and harmony that can reconcile each person with themselves in a renewed balance with nature. An innovative project that follows a trend confirmed in recent years of a return to the rediscovery of small villages, small communities, and an increasing appreciation for quality musical and artistic proposals in such unique contexts.
  • Create an artistic path with installations of modern art to be placed in the olive grove and the woods.
  • Take care of and enhance the olive grove as an example of sustainable agriculture in the Alto Garda Lake area, for the production of high-quality oil.
  • Use the green space for educational purposes, with visits by school groups or camping activities for children and young people.
  • Involve the entire population in a space that belongs to everyone.

Founding members are: Sonia Devoti (President), Maria Rosa Ronchi, Umberto Sardini, Danilo Donatini, Michele Marconi, Mauro Ottolini, Daniele Formaggioni, and Tommaso Bertoncelli.