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This extraordinary oil is the result of cold pressing olives handpicked from centuries-old trees in Campo di Brenzone sul Garda, a place dedicated to olive growing since 1023, as documented in historical records. In this magical place, the olive trees are caressed by the winds of Lake Garda and nurtured by a unique microclimate that allows them to absorb all the vital energy from the soil nourished by an ancient underground water source flowing from Monte Baldo.
The music of Teatro Degli Ulivi blends with the trees, nourishing them and contributing to their growth in a setting of unparalleled beauty and contemplation. This imparts a precious taste and value to the oil, appealing to the palate, heart, and soul.

Casaliva, an indigenous olive variety of Lake Garda.
The oil has an intense and complex flavor, with a perfect balance between bitterness and spiciness. On the palate, you can perceive a hint of bitterness that harmoniously melds with the spiciness, providing a sensation of pleasure and vitality.
Moreover, this oil has a pleasant almond aftertaste that complements its overall taste experience. This sweet and slightly fruity aroma blends perfectly with the oil's overall flavor, making it particularly suitable for dishes such as salads, grilled vegetables, white meats, and fish.

Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Region: Veneto
Location: Campo di Brenzone sul Garda (VR)
Harvest: 2022/2023

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Campo di Brenzone sul Garda (VR)
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